If I Were Part of the Animal Kingdom is a book about Khalil, who loves animals, but hates being told what to do. We escape with him on a journey into the animal kingdom where there are no rules. He realizes that animals have limitations too and decides that it isn't so bad being a boy. He is a part of God's Kingdom, created in His image, with many capabilities and freedom, sweet freedom to be whatever chooses.
$12.99 on Amazon
My Favorite Color is Blue is about Asha who loves school and the color blue. Learning for this little girl is a fantasy awash in her favorite hue. She uses the color blue to explore the importance of book knowledge, the obstacles we have to overcome to gain it, and the wonder and wisdom of the Good Book that God provides as a guide for life. Asha excels in school, and because of her dedication, her future is as bright as the blue sky.
$12.99 on Amazon
Fight the Air Guy is a book about Jelani who fights for the attention he feels he doesn’t get at home. We watch as his alter-ego takes on the air and is triumphant in every battle. He wants nothing more than to find his place in the family. Jelani comes to realize there are people all around who celebrate his individuality. Most importantly, he knows he is the child of the All Powerful, but he still occasionally enjoys fighting the air.
$12.99 on Amazon
Can We All Just Get Along? is about Nandi growing up in a household of older siblings that battle over everything – who gets the front seat, who’s looking at who, and who called it first. She has her mind set on teaching her siblings how to get along with each other by example and through song. Nandi has wholeheartedly embraced that she is her Brothers’ and her Sister’s Keeper.
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A Special Heartfelt Thank You goes out to The King Arts Complex, WesBanco, GCAC, Columbus City Council and Mayor Andrew Ginther for Supporting the Local Arts Community! 

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